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The population in the UK is expected to increase by nearly 10 million over the next 25 years, taking the total number of people living in UK to 74.3 million by 2039. The latest official data shows that the population is set to grow faster than was initially thought in 2012. Since then, the forecast population increase over the next decade has been revised up by 250,000 taking the total population to 69 million by 2025.

A rapidly growing population has ramifications for an already stretched housing market in the UK. But within this overarching challenge there is an issue which is becoming more pressing – providing housing suitable for an ageing population.

Around 23% of the population are currently aged over 60. During the next 20 years this proportion will rise to 29%. This will push the median age across the UK from 40 today to nearly 43 in

The need for a dramatic increase in new housing across the UK is now recognized as a key social and political issue. However the focus now needs to widen to include the type of housing being built, and how it can meet the needs of different buyers, especially in light of a rapidly ageing population.



The UK retirement living space offers promising prospects, especially in the mid to upper tier market,  

Increasing life expectancy is driving strong opportunity and growth in retirement real estate, combined with a chronic undersupply in the mid to upper market, the sector is full of ‘untapped potential’.  

While almost 80 percent of over 65s could be classified as mid to high affluence by 2025, largely as a result of house price wealth, 75 percent of the existing market is provided on an affordable tenure, meaning that there is a significant gap for new stock aimed at the mid to higher end. 

This type of housing would include self-contained units with communal facilities and on-site care – the fastest growing form of housing in the retirement living sector. 

“The single biggest challenge facing older people in the UK is a complete lack of appropriate housing choices to suit their lifestyle, care or support needs as they age.” 

Capital Assured seizes the opportunity to address this by bringing together strategic partners to collaborate in this space

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