Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Capital Assured has strategic and joint venture partnerships globally, with a particular focus on investing in UK, Europe & Latin America in collaboration with leading companies and high-net-worth families.

Capital Assured’s long-standing relationships with strong credible partners have led to many successful joint venture partnerships 
and the delivery of a wide variety of  opportunities globally.  



Hotels & Resorts

Capital Assured Hotels & Resorts business concentrates within Latin America primarily in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil & Mexico. We excel at developing and managing hotels and resorts. 

A unique and highly-specialised platform with visionary leadership, innovative partners and a wealth of collaborative expertise serves to create, develop and manage exclusive hotel brands, with exceptional properties in the world’s most vibrant cities.



Private Office

The function of the Private office is to focus on select deals specifically for the shareholders. The Office’s mission is to create a diversified and profitable investment portfolio. 

The Private Office was setup to consider opportunities outside of the current focus of real estate on a case by case 

Driven by our group strategy, we continue to focus on opportunities that complement our  areas of expertise. 


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