Capital Assured’s Mission is to provide ‘Wealth Protection & Value Creation’ through property investment, management and development. In order to achieve this we are currently focused on property in New York and London for the following reasons:

  • The recent economic crisis and the decline in US & UK property prices means there are fantastic opportunities available with a reduced downside. 
  • For investments focused on off-plan it is possible to achieve potential upside, capital appreciation and tremendous growth.
  • Increase your returns on completion, buying off-the-plan allows you to buy a property at today’s price. By the time the deal settles after construction, the property can be worth more than you paid for, this is especially true for London and New York. The US & UK is one of the strongest and stable economies in the world. Price appreciation is one of the best reasons you should buy off-plan property in the US and or UK.
  • The developer takes the majority risk, when investing in off-plan property whether US and or UK, you might have a payment contract weighted towards completion; so the developer has an added incentive to complete the property to the agreed timescale and quality. Whether you have a mortgage or are a property investor with cash, you either save on interest payments by drawing down only what you need or make the money you already have (that stays in the bank).
  • Property is the new pension the average pension pot is just £91,000. Investment in off-plan property in US and or UK allows you to invest in your retirement sooner and take advantage of the benefits of gearing to property investment. Property investment as a pension strategy also has the potential to double your income in retirement– and, unlike pension plans, you don’t have to wait until you retire before you have an income from it. You could start benefitting from positive cash flow from the second you have your first tenant.
  • Major financial institutions are available and ready to help finance these investments – meaning additional due diligence and potential for scale. 
  • The US and UK offers a robust legal structure to protect stakeholders. Laws for Protecting Buyers’ Rights. Stricter laws are another reason for you to invest in off-plan property, as they will protect you against all types fraudulent activities and whims of the developers

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